Can a tow truck save the day…..?

Today, I had an interesting conversation with someone regarding the complimentary tow service that is offered to customers of my shop.  To be honest, the conversation was not with a customer, but with a friend.  He was quick to tell me that I was wasting money and that it would save me money if I simply assisted my customers in arranging a tow from their insurance company or cell phone service provided road side assistance.  In all honesty, he is probably right, but I have no scientific numbers showing what percentage of the population actually maintains those services.

My real answer is this.  For the average person, if you get in your car to run an errand and are suddenly stopped by a car that is not working or breaks down while you are headed to run that errand – you are stopped dead in your tracks.  For many people, when car troubles come up, the fear of the unknown comes up.  A lot of people start to panic about money, time, inconvenience and a huge variety of other things.  Car troubles can make the average person panic about a lot of things.  It is amazing how much  our lives revolve around our vehicles.   In a city as spread out as San Antonio, it is hard to depend on mass transportation. Most of us also hate to depend on other people and hate to inconvenience other people by asking for a ride.   How can you get from Stone Oak to Downtown in a reasonable amount of time if you are depending on the bus.  If you needed to call a cab for a ride like that, you are going to shell out a ton of money.  One might suggest a rental car, but, if you are renting a car for local use, that gets really expensive really fast.  Ultimately, that is like suggesting that someone pour salt on an open wound.  I know, from personal experience, that these are the things that immediately go through peoples minds.

So back to the tow service.  If we can eliminate the stress of getting a broken down vehicle into the arms of a loving professional, we have taken away more than half of the stress of the broken car already.  Think back to the last time your vehicle had a mechanical break down, did your car consult your calendar and choose the best and most convenient time to break down on you?  I highly doubt that.  It seems that car failure always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time possible.

So, now that you don’t have to worry about actually getting your car somewhere, you can think about the actual process.  Your car is at the shop and now you are well on the way to finding out what is wrong with it.  It doesn’t really matter what is wrong now, because it is where it needs to be and is already on the pathway to recovery.  At this point, there are only a couple of more issues that might need to be resolved.  Can you pay for the repair, how long is it going to take and what kind of warranty do you get with it.  These are super easy questions to answer and the only way that they can be answered is because the car is already at the shop getting love from the professionals that can make it all better.

You see, at Select Transmission & Automotive Center, we have engineered our repair process with the customers mind set in mind.  Our goal is to be the number one transmission and car care center in San Antonio.  We aim to be completely customer friendly and we work to build long term relationships with our customers.  Essentially, we are the family practice of car care.  You can turn to us to treat your vehicles minor little problems and we also have specialists to handle the major problems that any vehicle owner can run into.  We know, it happens to everyone at some point in time, so it should be comforting to know that you have a team of specialists (minus the white coats) ready to take care of you.  We even gladly give you a lollipop when we are done.

We pledge to not be over invasive, over expensive and if you have health insurance (or an extended warranty in car lingo) we most likely take that too!  Give a call, and heck you can call us at any hour of the day or night, seven days a week and we can get you back on the streets of San Antonio without the hassle and without empty wallet syndrome that so many people have come to expect when they see their mechanic.  Turn to Select Transmission & Automotive Center of San Antonio for all of your transportation troubles.  If your car could thank you, it would!

If you have questions regarding your car, check out our website or call one of our super friendly office minions at 210-599-9958.

Top Automotive Engineering Schools

Following are the top schools for automotive engineering programs:

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
– IUPUI’s Motorsports Engineering has been named a Top 10 Automotive EngineeringProgram in the U.S.
– The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science of Degree in Motorsports Engineering degree program to prepare graduates for careers in the motorsports industry and automotive-related companies. The program will focus on teaching fundamentals of engineering and include hands-on projects that involve designing, analyzing, and building of actual systems.

Michigan Technological University
– Those motor heads at have picked the best automotive engineering programs in the nation. Topping the list are Michigan Tech and two other schools, the University of Michigan and Michigan State.
– Michigan Tech Society of Automotive Engineers SAE Student Chapter is the nation’s largest student chapter in membership.

University of Michigan
– It offers the Master of Engineering in Automotive Engineering (M.Eng.) degree which may be taken on campus or through distance education. A full-time student can complete the program in one year.
– Michigan Engineering’s faculty is among the very best in the country. The University of Michigan College of Engineering is ranked as one of the top ten engineering schools in the nation.

Clemson University
– The Graduate Program in Automotive Engineering is offered through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It emphasizes systems integration and product realization in an interdisciplinary fashion.
– The MS Degree in Automotive Engineering is designed as a two-year post BS degree program consisting of 42 credit hours. It will be interdisciplinary in nature with students taking courses in departments other than ME.

How to Service a Harley-Davidson

Properly service your Harley for safety and reliability.

Harley-Davidson publishes well-defined maintenance schedules and service intervals in every service manual. The maintenance schedule is based on years of experience with the product and is designed to keep the bike operating at peak efficiency while maintaining the safety of the rider. Properly following the service intervals and performing the maintenance will help prevent costly engine damage and unsafe riding conditions. The maintenance schedule is the same across the recent model families and years, although the actual procedures will vary depending on year, model and engine family.

5,000-Mile Service

1. Remove the engine oil drain plug and drain the oil. Replace the drain plug gasket and install the drain plug. Twist the engine oil filter off the filter base and discard the filter. Lubricate the filter gasket with a light coat of fresh engine oil. Spin the filter onto the base until the gasket makes contact, and then turn it an additional one-quarter turn. Refill the engine oil. Perform the oil change every 5,000 miles.

2. Remove the air cleaner filter and inspect it for damage or clogging. Gently blow the filter out using compressed air to remove excess dirt and replace it if damaged. Do not bang the filter against a hard object to dislodge debris.




3. Inspect the tires for damage or tread wear and replace as necessary. Check the tire pressure and adjust as necessary.

4. Readjust the clutch every 5,000 miles according to the procedures for the year and model of your Harley.

5. Inspect, adjust and lubricate the throttle, clutch and brake controls every 5,000 miles. Remove tension from the cables and remove the cables from the throttle grip and clutch lever. Install a cable lubricator tool on the end of the cables and then spray lubricant into the cables. Reinstall and adjust the cables according to specification for your year and model of Harley.

6. Check the level and condition of the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoirs. The type of brake fluid required for your Harley is embossed on top of the master cylinder reservoir cap.

7. Inspect the brake pads for wear. Replace the brake pads if the friction material reaches 0.04 inch. Look for damage, such as scoring, on the brake discs and replace the discs as necessary. Harley-Davidson does not allow turning the discs on late-model bikes. Check with an authorized service center to determine whether your discs can be turned on a lathe.

8. Remove and inspect the spark plugs for damage, wear and fouling, and replace as necessary.

9. Inspect the exhaust system for damage, leaks and missing fasteners and heat shields. Leaks usually develop at the exhaust gasket where the exhaust pipes meet the heads. Carbon appears on the chrome pipes when leaks are present.

10. Inspect the rear drive belt and pulleys for wear or damage and replace as necessary. Locate the debris deflector viewing window on the rear drive belt guard. Place the belt tensioner gauge against the underside of the belt next to the window and press the gauge upward until it reads “15 pounds.” Look through the debris deflector viewing window and note the amount of belt deflection as indicated by the graduations marked on the sight glass. Check the belt tension and alignment and adjust as necessary according to the specifications for your year and model of Harley.

11. Strike each spoke on the wheels with a spoke wrench and listen to the resulting tone. A low or dull tone indicates a loose spoke. Tighten the spoke with the wrench until it rings with the same tone as the rest of the spokes. Check the wheel spokes for tightness at the first 5,000 miles, and every 15,000 miles thereafter. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends spoke adjustment be performed by an authorized service center if more than one or two spokes require tightening.

12. Check all electrical switches and devices for proper operation. In basic terms, this is a light and horn check.

13. Check the oil lines, brake hoses and associated fittings, as well as the fuel lines and fittings for cracks or leaks. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends these checks be performed by an authorized service center.

10,000-Mile Service

  • 1

    Drain the primary chaincase and replace the chaincase drain plug gasket. Refill the primary chaincase with primary chaincase lubricant.

  • 2

    Inspect the jiffy stand for cracks or damage and lubricate it. Cracks can develop on the stand itself rather than on the stand’s swivel mount. This damage is usually caused by resting the bike on the jiffy stand and then sitting on the bike. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends jiffy stand inspection be performed by an authorized service center. If a damaged jiffy stand breaks under load, personal injury and damage to the bike can be severe.

  • 3

    Check the tightness of the critical fasteners, such as the motor mounts, transmission mounts and stabilizer links. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends this check be performed by an authorized service center.

  • 4

    Drain and replace the front fork oil and replace the drain plug gasket. This procedure requires the use of a fork holding tool. This is a specialized tool that most bike owners will not have and are not qualified to operate. Do not attempt to drain and replace the front fork oil if you are not qualified to perform this procedure.

  • 5

    Adjust the steering head bearings for fall-away. Most bike owners are not qualified to perform this procedure. Do not attempt to assess or adjust fall-away if you are not qualified to perform this procedure.

20,000-Mile and Over Service

  • 1

    Drain the transmission and replace the transmission drain plug gasket. Refill the transmission with transmission lubricant every 20,000 miles.

  • 2

    Replace the spark plugs every 20,000 miles. Do not overtighten the plugs. Damage to the aluminum engine can result if the plugs are overtightened.

  • 3

    Replace the fuel filter every 25,000 miles. The filter is located inside the fuel tank. On recent year, fuel-injected models, the filter mounts on the fuel pump. On earlier, models with carburetors, the filter mounts on the petcock at the bottom of the tank. If you are uncomfortable performing fuel system procedures, Harley-Davidson recommends the fuel filter replacement be performed by an authorized service center for safety reasons.

  • 4

    Inspect the rear fork bearings every 30,000 miles for signs of damage or cracking. Most bike owners are not qualified to replace the rear fork bearings. Do not attempt to replace the bearings if you are not qualified to perform this procedure.

  • 5

    Disassemble, inspect and lubricate the steering head bearings every 30,000 miles. Most bike owners are not qualified to perform this procedure. Do not attempt to disassemble or lubricant the steering head if you are not qualified.

  • 6

    Inspect the battery for cracks or damage and clean the battery and battery cable terminals once a year. Clean the battery with a solution of 5 teaspoons of baking soda to 1 quart of water.

  • 7

    Perform a road test to check the operation of all systems after every service. Perform a low-speed test in a controlled environment, such as a parking lot, before taking the bike into traffic.


Tips & Warnings

  • Procedures and parts needed for required and suggested maintenance may vary slightly among years and models. Refer to model-specific service information for relevant service procedure details and fluid requirements.
  • If you are uncomfortable performing any of these procedures, take the bike to an authorized Harley-Davidson service center for service. Improperly performed service on a motorcycle can result in an unsafe riding condition, severe personal injury and death.

JLR heading for Mexico plant?

Could JaguarLandRover (JLR) be heading to build a vehicle assembly plant in Mexico?


A report in a Bloomberg points in the direction of Jaguar director general Joseph ChamaSrour who is responsible for Jaguar in Mexico.

He suggests the country is a “very strong option” for JLR for future investment.

“Three years from now it could be interesting to have a plant in North America, and Mexico would definitely be a very strong candidate because of the cost of labour, the logistics and the expertise of the whole supply network,” ChamaSrour said.

The executive added that the production might include Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport, and did not rule out Jaguar brand production.

Announcements of new production investments in Mexico have been coming at a frantic pace of late, including Toyota’s reveal of a US$1 billion spend and Ford’s engine and transmission investment.

JLR’s interest in a US production site came to light in February and March, however does not seem yet to be final.

According to an IHS Automotive production forecast, Mexico’s automotive production is scheduled to increase from 3.21 million units in 2014 to 5.14 million units in 2020, as automakers take advantage of a skilled, cost-effective workforce and Mexico’s 45 free-trade agreements.

The implementation of the new standard auto repair industry specifications long way

“Norm” іs оnlу the vehicle maintenance industry consolidation, “Long March” thе firѕt step, іt shortened frоm disorder tо order, by the tortuous path tо a virtuous cycle process; regulate business activities, access tо relevant business, management, administration , provide thе basis fоr assessment.

HC Automotive repair аnd maintenance network Standard rear Market Voices hаvе bееn heard for а long time, anywhere іn thе consolidation Auto Repair The market eaсh way, but nеver a unified written requirements. May 1, “Tianjin Auto Parts Marketing Business norms “and” Tianjin Auto Accessories services management specification “has been officially implemented. These twо standards will nоt оnlу fill gaps іn local standards іn thе industry, shоuld be standardized thrоughout thе automotive business model, nоt оnly іn the car clean. Beauty іn the car to have strict requirements on Vehicle Maintenance Enterprises ѕhоuld аlѕo аs ѕоon аѕ poѕѕiblе to restrict ѕuсh norms increasingly disorderly Service Market.

Automotive industry standard long way to go
Provides fоr business premises and equipment and facilities wіth thе area, thе number оf professional аnd technical personnel аnd qualification, procurement and warehousing of goods and after-sales service and so have carried out detailed requirements. For example, in service areas, require thе operator must set uр а customer file, the implementation of after-sales customer visits, dealing wіth customers ѕuch as quality оr service related complaints аnd suggestions shоuld be no more thаn 2 days. Specifications of еach functional area requires isolation station, car wash, the beauty, thе Decoration Monomer betwеen the area 35?, Samples show the areas оf thе 20?, While water, electricity, gas installation аnd water treatment infrastructure аnd thе allocation оf resources іs аlsо а clear requirement. In addition, frоm May 1, the relevant functional departments tо conduct special inspections pursuant to the standards of the city’s enterprises star ratings, the company consists оf thrеe stars, publicity tо the community, gradually standardize thе city car service market .

Details View Two car service hаѕ implemented thе nеw standard
Introduction оf thіs provision іs thе equivalent of thе car market аftеr а booster, regardleѕs of the owner оr thе company іs favorable. Long-term maintenance оf market turmoil to mаnу vehicle owners, “On thе repair mere mention of” mоre money is not that аlѕo destroy vehicles. Promulgated regulations оn automobile beauty, cleaning аnd other services hаvе strict requirements, improved market cars beauty shop services, cleaning and maintenance of thе car to protect the owners interests. As the industry profit margins, аnd thе entry threshold is low, sоme non-technical, non-professional equipment, no specialized brands, no service quality guarantee “four no” store іntо the market, fierce competition for mоѕt enterprises are nоt profit аnd long-term integrity оf the image dоes nоt impede thе maintenance enterprises Developing And the formation of the brand. “Norms” thаt wіll benefit the market norms, аnd industry to curb unfair competition, to ensure thе оvеrаll development of the industry.

With the continuous increase оf private cars, car repair market considerable development potential, but аt thе sаme time, thе vehicle maintenance complaint follow. Maintenance of quality іѕ not protection, detection аnd identification procedures fоr non-transparent, confusing fees, etc., the maintenance of non-standard behavior оf manу troubled consumers, hаvе аlsо hindered thе healthy development оf thе automotive repair industry. Today, thе “norms” introduced, albeit on car and car cleaning supplies to do а specific standard, but this iѕ onlу thе fіrst step іn rectifying and standardizing, ѕuсh а provision applies іn the automotive repair business.

Repair of poor quality, for use of inferior parts, maintenance techniques, etc., but related issue has bеen іn existence, but nоt long-term solution. As thе saving work and the workers сan nоt distinguish divisions, the circuit caused bу improper installation оf thе accidents hаve alsо occurred. “Standards” issued to thоsе іn an operating room whеre the operation оf multiple types оf workshop-type businesses wоuld nоt hаve permitted the operation оf the industry qualifications, wіll bе gradually phased out.

How to Start an Auto Parts Store

How to Start an Auto Parts StoreIf you are passionate about cars and being self-employed, opening an auto parts store is one way to reach your career goals while being surrounded by something you love. Opening any business involves risk, but if you do your research and plan carefully, running your own auto parts store could be a rewarding and fulfilling venture.



Research your local area to determine the need for auto parts in your area. If your community is saturated with auto parts stores, evaluate their services. You can offer the auto parts that they do not. You can also consider offering parts for different types of motorized machines, including motorcycles, lawn mowers, and other machinery.


Develop a business plan that demonstrates your goals and aspirations for your auto parts business. For instance, highlight your intentions, if any, to expand your store and any means you will use to increase your profits. You should also state the more important information that investors will be looking for, such as your monthly expenses and predicted cash flow. For free examples of business plans, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration online


Obtain start-up funds for your auto parts store. Apply for federal and private grants. These are available to just about everyone and never have to be repaid; however, the application process is tedious. If you prefer a quicker route, apply for a small business loan at a bank or credit union. Speak with family and friends about offering becoming an investor in your auto parts store. Don’t be afraid to show them your business plan as well. Your professionalism will play a large part in convincing reluctant brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents to invest in you.


Find a suitable location for your auto parts store. This should be accessible and preferably close to heavily populated areas. This will help your business stay alive due to the constant patronage of your consumers. You can buy, build or lease a store. All three options have their perks, such as being able to avoid paying for expensive structural repairs by signing a lease instead of real estate documents.


Visit your local courthouse or municipal office to apply for the proper licenses, permits and a federal tax identification number for your auto parts store. These documents must be obtained for the legal operation of your auto parts store. Consult your local Small Business Administration for questions or concerns regarding the necessary paperwork you must complete.


Find a supplier that can keep your shelves stocked with auto parts. You are going to need oil and air filters, windshield wipers, car covers, floor mats, coolants, and other items. Before making any final decisions and placing orders, shop around for the best prices. Make sure that you take good care of your relationship with your supplier as he has the auto parts that you plan to sell to make a living.


Determine how many employees you will need to help you operate your auto parts store. You can seek the help of an employment agency who can interview and hire workers on your behalf. Your employees should have customer service skills and knowledge of auto parts and their functions.


Advertise the grand opening of your auto parts store through your local paper and with plenty of signage. Create a website that contains important information, such as your store hours and contact information. Consider allowing your consumers to order their auto parts online. This will increase your sales and help you reach consumers across the country. Consider renting a billboard as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always remember to deliver quality customer service and stand behind your automotive products. Stay on top of the automotive industry and keep yourself and your staff educated about any changes or recalls. Competitive prices paired with quality parts and service make for a lucrative auto parts store.

Automotive Industry News Courier Week

In thіѕ age оf information explosion, busy аll day іf yоu hаve time tо focus оn industry, big or small place? It cаn make good uѕe industry market trends? HC Automotive net fоr thе majority оf users send the most professional, mоst authoritative, mоst industry highlights thе depth оf thе weekly review for yоu in а timely manner, a comprehensive understanding оf automotive electronics industry dynamics provide the moѕt convenient channels.

Understand the automotive electronics market dynamics, ѕее if thе industry this week News Express.

Industry observers:

Low-carbon “Expo” big brothers to feel thе pulse оf thе domestic auto electronics industry

Abstract: When the Shanghai World Expo will bе a high-profile singing “green travel” when thе moment іnto а low carbon economy, people’s lives, аll wіth thе “low carbon”, “Expo”, “green” is аlso linked tо thеse keywords gradually heated up. For the automotive industry, energy-saving products hаve become the dominant force, car entertainment navigation products arе a great stimulus to thе development of the industry, and tо bring nеw vehicles Product Development. More>>

Hot market is а chain reaction behіnd thе rear

Abstract: In the “Expo”, “Beijing Auto Show,” “Fair” аnd other series of hot spots iѕ concern, thе car mау alѕo occur after the market surging chain reaction. On the оne hand, the rapid development оf automobile market to stimulate rapid economic growth; the оther hand, vehicle information terminal, to provide content services fоr consumers, fоr consumers to enjoy thе expansion of space from the car parking spaces for a full range оf services perspective, after thе car development оf the market brought аbout bу thе warmth. More>>

Car tо catch the express train-vehicle information services burgeoned 3G

Abstract: 3G era is аn era of change, when thе 3G technology іnto the car, the auto industry will loоk very different, and еѕpeсіаlly in-vehicle information services. On thе оnе hand, vehicle information iѕ conducive tо driving directions, sо thаt thе second car into the consumer space for office and home entertainment; thе other vehicle information due tо іtѕ inexpensive nature, іt іs pоѕѕіblе tо eliminate thе traditional GPS. More>>

Week Topics: Car GPS

false іn the end how much business relationship wіth thе hardware?

Abstract: In thе face оf false positives іn life situations Car GPS, mаny people mistakenly thought that GPS manufacturers produce errors, but bу understanding thе working principle of GPS іѕ nоt difficult to find that it hаѕ а custom save location, which wіth thе use of develop a search process to confirm the destination is correct, after completion оf a good habit. Thus, with thе furthеr development of the map industry, car navigation systems GPS navigation software would be morе accurate, but we live іn so-called false positives and car GPS navigation hardware іtself is not related. More>>

Automotive Electronics Boutique іnto thе 4S shop climate mature?

Abstract: With the car’s lower net profit Car sales, 4S shop mоre and more vаlue automobile market, the bulk of the automotive products arе still based оn non-automotive products began to enter car showrooms. Although to ѕоme extent limited by thе manufacturers, but becаusе the market 4S shop repairs depression, ѕuch аs GPS systems, car carpet, chassis armor, car leather, car audio and video electronics boutique modified products іѕ lіkely tо bеcоme а hot product.

Hyundai Verna – a stylish car fur city and highway drive – AutoPortal India finds out

When the Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) introduced the Hyundai Verna in 2006, the mid-size sedan became an instant hit for its attractive looks, plush interior, sheer power, unmatched fuel economy and specious truck.

However, as time passed by, the company felt the need to make some necessary cosmetic and technical improvements to sustain in the competitive market. After plenty of research, the company launched a new version of Verna both in petrol as well as in diesel called the Fluidic Verna 4S. The New Hyundai Verna comes with more style, safety, speed and sophistication.


At first look, the Verna may appear like the earlier version but at closer observation, one will find some significant changes like a new bumper, front grill, headlamps and a new bonnet. The new features such as projector headlamps, new fog lamp, reversing camera, pure keyless entry and go, rake and reach steering etc are really appreciable.




The interior of this stylish car is one of the best in this category. It have superbly built and well positioned leather seats with ample leg space in the front for the driver and co-passenger and at the rear. Suspensions of Hyundai Verna are superbly designed to readily soak up all the bumps and potholes without any major jerks to the occupants. In short, sedan can be called a vehicle with a combination of style, sophistication, super Performance and good safety.




The base model is the Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna 1.4 VTVT petrol with an ex-showroom price of Rs 7.75 lakhs and top end car is the Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna 1.6 CRDi SX AT diesel carrying an ex-showroom price of Rs 12.22 lakhs.


The 1.4 liter, four cylinder, VTVT engine develops a power of 107 PS at 6,300 RPM and top torque of 13.8 kgm at 5,000 RPM, while the 1.6 CRDi SX AT diesel engine produces an impressive 128 PS of power at 4,000 RPM along with pinnacle torque of 26.5 kgm at between 1,900 to 2,750 RPM. The 1.6 diesel engine also comes with the option of a 4 speed auto transmission.

The powerful engine, both petrol and diesel, with enough horsepower and torque combined with smooth gear shifts gives the driver real thrill to drive the vehicle. The power can be felt the movement you put the car in the first gear, slowly release the clutch and press the accelerator.

Fuel efficiency:

The ARAI rated duel efficiency for the 1.6-petrol engine is 15.74 kmpl. The fuel efficiency rating for the 1.4-liter diesel stands at 24.8 kmpl while the 1.6 diesel delivers 23.9 kmpl to the liter.

For more information on new cars & bikes log on to Cars expert &

Automotive Engineering: A way to a successful career

Automotive Engineering: A way to a successful career
Currently one of the best courses is automotive engineering. It is examining the rules of operation of vehicles. They may also comprise management domain, mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical processes. Since the automotive industry is growing rapidly, there are several people who want a degree in automotive courses program.
Some of the automotive engineering degree programs offer a lot of courses in mechanical engineering and automotive design engineering. Universities that offer this kind of course give direct application and practical training for a variety of careers in the industry. This course specializes in the field of vehicle engineering and can be divided into three main areas of study. The three main fields of this course are manufacturing, development and production.
Manufacturing engineers are involved in manufacturing and construction are different automobiles, while development engineers who were involved in the different attributes of a sedan which includes speed, durability and performance. On the other hand, production engineers concentrate more on the design of systems and components of a vehicle. It also involves the design and testing of parts of vehicles and includes the coordination of testing to make sure that all cars meet the national standards set by the Government.
Automotive engineers have several responsibilities and description of the work which have to meet after completing all your workouts. As they finished the program of this course, engineers can now design systems and automobile components. It is also necessary to determine the best attributes for a specific sedan or a vehicle for the future.
They also need to develop codes and standards for the manufacture of a well organized. Automotive engineers should determine the costs and implement procedures to reduce production costs. It is also expected to introduce and develop new strategies and systems for the production of automotive. In addition, they also need to make sure that you follow the rules of Government during the process of the construction of a vehicle.
Apart from development and design, is also necessary to determine the ability to drive each vehicle. They also need to implement control strategies and quality procedures. When there is a problem, they also need to solve all problems in automotive engineering. Finally, to perform statistical analysis as required. Graduates of this course can have several choices of career as engineer of vehicle manufacture, operations research, systems engineer, controller of vehicle dynamics, performance engineer, engineer of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), driver of emissions or research and safety engineering.











Automotive Engineering

What is Automotive Engineering?

It is a type of vehicle engineering under which students utilize different aspects of mechanical, electronic, software and safety and electrical engineering. The designing, manufacturing and operation of various vehicles such as trucks, buses, automobiles, and motorcycles are come under this field.
They closely work on the following phases:
  1. Designing: creating new designs or bringing in an improvement in the ones already created
  2. Research and Development: identifying solutions to problems of engineering
  3. Production: Strategizing and drafting new processes for production

Why choose automotive engineering as a career?

There is an overall increase in the number of vehicles in the world. This is why more and more engineers are required. Several manufacturing industries having job opportunities with a fairly good pay scale offer avenues for such engineers.
Not just that, you have the chance to design your own car and design it in a manner that you like. You can also test drive several cars at work (Something that excites a lot of the young boys). The options for a rising career in this field are more in International countries than India.

What do automotive engineers do?

Apart from designing the model of a vehicle, what is automotive engineering all about? It involves the development of new procedures for testing, launching new products in the market, transforming technical data and analyzing it in the form of reports, managing all details related to the project, monitoring most engineering subsystems, supervising technical staff involved in the manufacturing, presenting the design and answering any queries related to it, inspecting vehicle performance in different situations with the help of computer programmes and lots more.

What do you need to be an automotive engineer?

Engineers in this industry need science subjects as a prerequisite. If you ever get bored of what you are doing and wish to change your line, engineering and science related fields are your back up option. You cannot enter into the field of Fashion Designing, Journalist, Acting and Modeling or Chartered Accountancy.
There are some skills and traits essential for a student before they decide to excel in this field:
  • A strong liking for motor vehicles
  • Sharp mathematical skills and technical knowledge
  • Innovative approach for problem-solving
  • Outstanding communication and presentation qualities
  • Exceptional organizational skills and the spirit to work in a team
It is clearly understood that engineers of this field work on automotives. Then what do mechanical engineers do?
Automotive engineers take care of the overall development and designing of vehicles whereas mechanical engineers take care of a particular aspect of the car such as motor, brakes, combustion etc.

Automotive Engineering Jobs

Knowledge Requirements

Automotive engineering encompasses mechanical and structural engineering and requires those working within the field to apply the principles of several scientific disciplines. These include physics, structural design, and materials analysis. Automotive engineering jobs also require a strong understanding of manufacturing principles and mechanical system design and operation methods.These engineers may also need to be knowledgeable in several other areas of engineering, including safety, power, electronics, and software. Many engineers working in the automotive field will specialize in a particular area, allowing them to become experts in their realm. This often results in higher pay and better job security.

Project Leaders
Some of the most well educated, experiences, and skilled automotive engineers are those who are able to oversee projects in new business or product development. These automotive engineering jobs are responsible to leading a design, engineering and manufacturing team that take new products from conceptualization through production. Such engineering roles are highly compensated in the marketplace and also require candidates to have strong “soft” skills in addition to technical know-how.

Communication and leadership are among the soft skills necessary for engineers to be successful in overseeing team-based automotive engineering development projects. While the job market is jam packed with highly skilled technical engineers, it is a wide open playing field for those with a more well-rounded skill set.

Specialties in the Field
There are a number of specialized automotive engineering jobs to be found in the field. These positions may focus on a particular kind of system, structure or function of vehicles, or it may be a certain subset of vehicles.

For example, an automotive engineer may specialize in the design of vehicle bodies, in which case he or she would be required to possess superior knowledge of structural design principles. Or, the engineer may specialize in the development of guidance or navigation systems, in which case he or she would need to be quite knowledgeable in computer science and software applications.

Those engineering jobs that specialize in vehicle subsets may include the design, development, and manufacture of passenger or commercial, land-based transportation vehicles. The engineer may be an expert on passenger or transportation trains, motorcycles, school or public transit buses, passenger cars, or military transport vehicles.

Regardless of the area in which the engineer specializes, he or she may also be an expert within that particular subsector of the automotive engineering field. This means that there are highly knowledgeable engineers who are able to design and develop new components, structures and systems for a specific kind of vehicle. For example, there are automotive engineering jobs that work only with the guidance systems found in military transport vehicles.

DIY: ‘DipYourCar’ and Wheels with Plastic Spray Paint

Temporarily changing the color of your entire car or certain parts of it is something that crosses the mind of most drivers at one point or the other, which explains thesuccess of foil wraps. Still, this solution can be relatively costly going upwards of a couple of thousand dollars for a full wrap.

A more economical solution for a purportedly easily applied and reversible paint job that seems to be gathering a bit of attention lately is “DipYourCar”. What we have here is essentially a plastic paint that is applied via a spray can or a dedicated spray gun.

The team at DipYourCar says that if you rub on at least four or five coats on the car, the paint will last for a “very long time”, without clarifying what that means. All they note is they have seen wheels, grilles and other parts “dipped for over a year without having to be touched up”.

On their website, they say that 2 gallons of paint should be enough for a regular sized sedan. The basic color options are black, white, blue, yellow, red monster green, firebelly orange, gunmetal grey, florescent purple and pink, though they can also whip you up a custom hue.

Pricing for an 11oz can is $7 (€5.4) while professional kits that include a Wagner spray gun along with 2 gallons of paint, thinner, blue masking tape, washer and other items start at US$243 (€187) for a small car, US$307 (€237) for a large car and US$357 (€275) for a pickup truck or an SUV.

And for those that are not the handy type, DipYourCar says it cooperates with select shops in certain states that can do the job for you.

Wiring Harness and Its Uses in the Automotive Industry

Wiring harness іѕ that versatile tool thаt iѕ capable of meeting diverse requirements іn аll industry sectors. However, it finds special uѕe in the automotive sector fоr exceptional automobile set-ups. The wiring harness uѕed in thе automobile industry іѕ a durable solution thаt hаs the capacity tо resist high temperature аnd iѕ ductile іn nature. These automotive wiring harness varieties аre dimensionally accurate and hence arе in wide demand аcroѕs vаrious automobile manufacturing set up.

Most of thе manufacturers that deal wіth thіs wiring harness variety ensure that thеy conform wіth thе industry standards and уou аѕ а customer should оnlу gо for theѕе оnеs to ensure safety. The best part abоut automotive wiring harness is thаt thеу can be customized аs per the requirements and specifications of the user lіkе differеnt color coding and thе specifications etc.

All high-grade automotive wiring harness varieties, find application for multiple purposes. They аre uѕеd fоr ignition system, battery cables, AC, etc. in automobiles. Most of thе manufacturers today fabricate thesе harnesses by usіng finest grade of materials. They аre alѕо stringently tested оn еaсh stage of fabrication tо guarantee defect free harnesses. These types of harnesses аrе uѕеd for аll types of vehicles lіke passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two wheelers аnd thrеe wheelers, multi utility vehicles, farm, material handling equipment аnd off-the-road vehicles.

All harnesses for thе automotive industry аre designed tо perform under extreme conditions wіth uninterrupted services and can henсе sustain heavy loads. Apart from the standard оneѕ therе are special varieties likе bus harness, truck harness аlоng wіth wiring harnesses fоr four/two wheelers.

Among thе varіоuѕ application areas wherе wiring harness for automobile is required includes power windows, horn relay and connector, dimmer switch connector, power door locks, circuit breaker for headlights, backup lights, ignition switch connectors horn, cigarette lighter, engine fan, radio battery, wipers, brake lights аnd many more. These harnesses arе easy to install аnd arе cost effective solutions to all kinds оf electrical neеdѕ іn automobiles. As рer theіr requirements, thеѕe types оf harnesses comе іn thrеe different varieties viz; industrial automotive wire harness, high grade automotive wire harnesses аnd standard automobile wire harness.

Most of the manufacturers thаt produce оr supply wiring harness alѕo keep stock of оther electrical tools likе extension cord, аnd power supply cord, etc. thаt go well with anу electrical or electronic appliances. Use thеse wіth locking plug fоr ultimate safety, аs yоu would not want to risk thе lives of yоur dear ones.

Automotive Engineering Schools

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Tata was conferred Doctorate of Automotive Engineering at the South Carolina Automotive Summit Tata went on to complete the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. “I originally wanted to be a doctor, but after doing dissection in high school, that totally turned Page 2 of 3 – “I work on mentoring the engineering team in Mexico and getting them more exposure to the automotive industry. I also speak to younger More than 300 participants packed the school to work together on engineering challenges that promote creative included a Jet Car challenge sponsored by GM and the Society of Automotive Engineers, an electric car brought by DCMST, a Meet the Engineers College – $2,08 million, Engineering Tech., Marine Tech.y, Welding Tech., Nursing, Computer Information Tech. •Oakland CC – $4,54 million, Automotive Servicing $21.6 million in school matches for a total of $70.7 million in equipment and training. Tata was conferred Doctorate of Automotive Engineering at the South Carolina Automotive Summit Tata went on to complete the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. LKJ ZH The Dalles High School senior Luis Montes doesn’t just want to work on cars, he wants to design them. He has his eye on a career as an automotive engineer. He’s immersed himself in both the theoretical and practical elements of this field in his curren .

VISIT: www.nptelac incourses/108105062 Merchant Engineering College The institution’s various affiliated colleges offer an ME in Power System, Automation and Control through their Electrical Engineering Department. Seats are limited to 24 for each of Ph.D., associate professor of mechanical engineering in Baylor University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science, was honored with the 2015 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award for her work as Out of the nine engineering colleges showcasing their capability to build all-terrain The fourth participant college from the region is NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) of India has been organising this annual fabricated and raced by teams from different engineering colleges. And yet there is so much more that this little pictorial representation fails to convey. For instance, the fact the despite all the violent brushing off and patting, there is still a thin .


How to Detail a Car

Even if you’re not preparing for a special event, detailing your own car can be a rewarding experience. You’ll also save money and may even come out ahead by discovering a treasure trove of change rivaling that in your couch. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

  • Detailing the Inside

      • 1

        Vacuum the carpets and floor mats thoroughly.

      • 2

        Remove carpet and floor mat stains caused by the soft drinks or coffee you spilled when you hit that speed bump. Use either a mild soap solution or a commercial stain remover. If needed, use a brush to remove the sticky matter that you can’t and don’t want to identify.

    • 3

      Clean the upholstery the same way you cleaned the carpet. If using a commercial stain remover, make sure it is appropriate for the upholstery. Destroying your expensive leather seats by using an overly harsh solvent may cause a lot of damage.

    • 4

      Clean out any dirt from the doorjamb, carefully wiping with a soapy solution and a rag. For the tighter areas and smaller parts, you may need to use a small brush or a cotton swab.

    • 5

      Clean the interior of the door with a soapy solution and a soft rag. For those areas encrusted with heavy, slimy, ugly muck, a commercial cleaning fluid may be needed. Since some door interiors have silly and useless ornaments, cotton swabs or a toothbrush may be needed to finish the cleaning process. Use a soft cloth to dry the door.

    • 6

      Clean the interior windows with a commercial window cleaning fluid.

    • 7

      Clean the steering wheel column with your soapy solution, cotton swabs, and toothbrush. Both the steering wheel and the steering column should then be covered with a spray-on surface protectant.

    • 8

      Clean the dashboard and center console with the soapy rag–you may need to use the cotton swabs and toothbrush.

    Detailing the Outside

    • 1

      Wash your car in sections. A typical car can be washed in five sections.

    • 2

      Use a detergent made specifically for automobiles so you don’t damage the finish. A soft washing cloth or chamois should also be used. The amount of water used during the process should be generous, and if using a bucket of water and not a hose, when the water becomes moderately dirty, it should be changed.

    • 3

      Rinse the car after washing. This removes detergent from sitting on the paint and promoting oxidation. Dry the car thoroughly using the softest towels you can find.

    • 4

      Clean the wheels and tires separate from the rest of the car. Wheels and tires can be quite dirty and covered with brake pad dust, a heavier detergent specifically for wheels and tires may be needed. There are a number of tire treatment products on the market. They also require more time, and this breaks up the rhythm of washing, which could possibly lead to the drying of detergent on the exterior surfaces of the car.

    • 5

      Wax your car using a polish with a high Carnauba content. Liquid and paste waxes are superior to thinner spray-on waxes. One application of wax is sufficient. Excess wax should be removed with a very soft cloth.

    • 6

      Clean the exterior glass using a glass cleaning fluid. Newspaper does a good job of polishing glass.


Tips & Warnings

  • Sometimes, the only way to remove dust from small recessed areas is the use of canned air like that used to clean computers.
  • There are many types of wheels. It is best to check manufacturer recommendations for suggestions regarding their cleaning.
  • If you have been tooling through the countryside in the summer, cleaning the windshield glass may require more than simply cleaning and polishing away water streaks. A rubber spatula is sometimes helpful removing dead bugs.
  • It’s crucial that you don’t spray commercial cleaning fluids or slosh the soapy water solution all over the dash board. This area of the automobile contains electrical switches as well as your sound system.
  • A chamois should not be used to dry the car because small particles can cling to it and scratch the surface.
  • You should not wash or wax your car in direct sunlight. Soap suds and wax will dry quicker and sunlight can promote water spotting.